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Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Marc Chagall, Salvator Dali
Which gallery is selling them? Yes, Amazon is now selling paintings, drawings, lithos. Over 150 galleries are selling art on Amazon. The prices span from $200 to a million dollars. Obviously selling art has become more popular. Now art is more than accessible, but…yes, there is always a but. Ask any serious dealer and collector and they will all agree. It is a thousand times better to see the work live so you know what you really get. And most important, who takes responsibility if it’s a fake? Amazon? I don’t think so. If I am wrong or if someone actually does take responsibility somebody please let me know!

rockwell painting,Package from Home, for sale on amazon

Our question is, who takes responsibility that it’s real?

But the flip side is you cannot go see these artists at a gallery or even in a museum. You are somewhere, but not in a major city. But with a click some of the greatest artists are available to you. You see an artist’s work you love, all you have to do is click and buy it. It arrives at your home. It is even better than you thought, you hang it on the wall. You are happy. End of story, and only possible because of the internet.

Development of the Online Art Market

Development of the Online Art Market

(PDF graph: Development of the Online Art Market)

This is a book I bought at a bookstore. Yes, there is the experience of going into a bookstore milling around, and then you see this book. It is too big to travel with, but demanding your attention is a gold and red jacket, called Crazy Rich Asians. A novel by Kevin Kwan. You pick it up, buy it, and love reading it. you are taken into the modern Chinese society, St. Moritz, Singapore, an insiders look at the Asian Chinese jet-setters. How they think and how they live. I recommend this book to every fund manager and art dealer who needs an update on who they are selling to in Asia. A great funny interesting book. Mainland Chinese and ABC (American Born Chinese) meet in a Chinese Dallas. Fun! I can’t wait for the movie.

Coming next month…The most exciting young painters out there…

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  1. Carol Schaer says:

    Love the writing style. Very accessible for the non art expert interested in art.

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