Preparing and Installing for “Interference” in Como

This is how a show is built: intense collaboration with artists––a community. What a wonderful experience installing the “Interference” show with the artists. What a whirlwind, it’s hard to believe how quickly everything came together after months of hard work!

IMG_4819Roberta Gonella (center) with artists Duvier Del Dago, Sheila Elias, Hongtao Zhou, and co-curator Delphine Desoutter.

66595996_2915322798494091_2768375712426491904_nDuvier Del Dago with Sheila Elias.

4477dd1b-50c6-4085-aa96-6bc806f9fbb9View of the church interior, installation in progress.


49910487-7288-4649-a4ea-e382f3fff9d4Installation process of artist Hongtao Zhou’s work.

66106527_2915322981827406_8095203450976993280_nArtists Julio Figueroa Beltran and Sheila Elias with curator Roberta Gonella.


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