Save the Date: Visionary Art Trends heads to Como!


Dear art lovers,

I will  be making a magical, inspiring exhibition with the City of Como and I hope that some of you can come to the opening. The artists will be there, and myself and my wonderful team will be there to greet you. The theme that I’ve chosen is “interference,” which was on my mind after having a nice lunch in the alps when a little drone was hovering over us and made me realize surveillance was everywhere. Our technology is breaking down our privacy and human connections to each other. I happened to be in Como and I went into this Church which was now used for exhibitions and I thought of a few artists who would fit perfectly  within this space. The Church, which for hundreds of years kept humanity gathered together, was now being replaced by Facebook and a virtual reality of false friends. Very few artists are thinking about this but these deep thinking artists are. I will be posting some thoughts and interviews with them leading up to the exhibition. If you have never been to Como it is the best of Italy: chic , beautiful surroundings, and food.

Ciao! Roberta

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