Well, this work by Keymi, a french artist out of the Urban Art movement, known worldwide for his Pin Up series out of the 50s woke me up.
After many art fairs in Miami and living in Miami off and on I realized no artist from Miami has painted the real Miami. Which to me is first the sky.
The sky ripped with pink streaks, turquoise shots in the blue, cotton candy clouds…glorious..
Well the Latin artists bring their brown palate of colours and the Americans following the fashions of now, paint in blacks and grey. But we need this palate. The sky is not the same everywhere and the light of Paris has always invigorated me. We live in grey times, this Pin Up series wakes us up, Keymi (Stephan Raymond) is in love with this palette of colour. And in love with the spirit of the 50s, he loves these women I asked him to paint some men for this series but he said no I just like painting the women… god bless his love of women … And the time he paints had these colours in the cars, the clothes, an innocent time before Global Warming thoughts. And his technique ah, well it came out of his search how to use decoupage and Styrofoam with a synthetic resin, together and he made it his own and the puzzles somehow worked with these techniques. But for you and me, who can not pass someone working on a puzzle without trying to fit the pieces and try to help  It explores the thought. We don’t always get the good pieces and even though you try to push it in to fit the whole puzzle you have to let go and add a bad piece sometime.
Admit it, you’ve done that. Life gives us puzzle pieces good and bad and that’s our life, trying to make sense out of what we’ve been given.
Spray epoxy resin on polystyrene 147 x 128 cm.
Her name is Kitty and where is that thunderbird
Showing at FOXX Galerie Ramistrasse 33, Zurich Showing till April 7th.

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