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TEFAF is coming

Comes to New York on Oct 21. Go to this fair. You will see a vast area of beautiful art and furniture which you have only seen in museums  and a few galleries and thought you could never afford these ancient works. But you can and they are offered here with price points that are not available in 20-century art for less money. Egyptian reliefs, 15th century sculptures, jewelry, books, manuscripts, American paintings decorative arts and art rarely seen from Africa, Oceanic, Islamic and Asian art and much more, drawings, furniture.. It will be a feast for your eyes and pocket.


Zurich Film Festival

It is running now. It has gotten better!


The Odyssey

The long awaited bio film of Jacques Yves Cousteau was shown to a packed audience, young and old. An what a film. Underwater scenes lush and blue shows the adventure of this mans life. I dare to compare him to Alexander well why not. Both men were drop dead handsome, charismatic and unflappably curious. Men followed them knowing they were with greatness. one conquering the world on land, the other going to an unknown world never explored ,the seas of our world. The film shows that once Cousteau saw the water of the North he also saw the destruction of the sea creatures and started an organisation with his son to try to awaken the world to what we are doing.I hope it is picked up for the English speaking audience, yes there are subtitles. It is in French Directed by Jerome Salle who, with the stars last night told us about filming this extraordinary film.



Well to end with great disappointment, I have received before the show an overview of the booths with what they will show put out by a magazine I get, talk about taking away the excitement of going to a fair. Having an equal footing. Well you can buy them online don’t even have to go to the fair. It use to be exciting what will we find? I wonder if gallery x is bringing new work by.. what will be the new trends shown So why go now… I can order at home mail order and if I do go the fairs most of the works have been pre-sold. Not good…… but go anyway.

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