“Life is short, art is long” – Hippocrates

Alexander the Great

I have just come back from Ancient Greece, well modern Greece too.  Athens looked sparkling and lively,  people filling the cafes till late into the night. Greece will be all right. their young population will come back and start to move the economy, I met with a young Greek girl now running her fathers restaurant, another starting a bookshop, another
20160920_103416working to change the old guard in government. The love of living  and enjoying will win they will just have to dream big and throw off the 400 years Turkish thinking still pulling at them. So with a group of people obsessed with Alexander. It was with a special tour we followed in the steps of Alexander the Great  we flew and drove all over the Macedonian part, the north of Greece. My question has been tallow and i am not the only one.  how did this small group of Greeks come up with everything we still think and believe in. But that’s another conversation. We visited  many sites, we even went under the subway being built to see the problem they have keeping the old civilisation from being dug up. But I specifically mention his fathers tomb, Phillip II which we saw that  is encased in a modern Museum I mean it is under the ground with these amazing tombs in perfect condition one sees the most delicate beautiful drawings that takes your breath away and the jewelry and textiles ahhh. I show some pictures go to The Multicenter Museum of Aigai. Pull it up. the tombs were found in the 1970s by a Greek, wholly intact, a miracle by Manolis Andronikos.One must build for the Gods, or in modern terms not your own neurotic silly dream. Sorry, the architects, the starchitects, you don’t come close, glass and concrete and Italian furniture well maybe yahn we will move on from them. Just stand in a Byzantine  Church and the breath of it is inspiring. Why did the religions have to go guilt. The Greeks had their gods, knew they were mortal not Gods , did the best they could and enjoyed life, yes drinking and laughing and sex and fighting and prepared for the next world where they would continue to party. The tombs had furniture layed out to continue their drinking parties.
And they fought to be remembered in the stories that would come down through the centuries. Our poor soldiers hardly  given any honor by our population. shame on everyone.And their Gods included women, well the Jews got rid of the pagans but left us with one god a man of course.We are not balanced in our lives so I propose a new religion…..talked of on our long bus rides into the Macedonion countryside…it will be THE CHURCH OF REFORMED PAGANISM (living the good life, helping the poor) its early days but if you want to join let me know…….
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We are Greeks all of us. in our thoughts.

20160918_11294720160919_174325 Greek proverbs: “Children should be seen and not heard”, “The middle course is always the safest” – Menander. “Life is short, art is long”, Hippocrates. “Never tell your wife all you know” – Homer. “A rolling stone gathers no moss “, “Nature creates nothing without a purpose”, Aristotle.


Venice Film Festival

Enjoyed the Venice film Festival and saw the best film I have seen in years it is” On the Milky Road” by Emir Kusturica. Even though he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made to act in his movie, produce it, finance it, organize it, direct it and compose the music with I am guessing  another member of his family he pulled it off.Darkly comic,surreal love story that held everyone who saw it spellbound I do not know what has happened to the film world but there seems no way to see adult interesting films unless you go to a film festival. Please America watch films with subtitles it will be good for you…Another film Jackie  played by bNatalie Portman was directed by Pablo Larrain,and bravo for him. Shot from another point of view, he had the courage to take on the three or four days after the murder of JFK and pulled it off without using cliche shots we have all seen before. Just to add Pablo Larrain the Director is Chilean, born 1976 and won the best film at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival..Belmondo was awarded at the film festival, he still looks good. Saw his film Le Voleur wonderful. A grown up film…..


Biennale Architettura 2016

Reporting From The Front – 28.5-27.11 Venice
As usual the show is scattered around but the show at the Arsenale was amazing. We walked in and came out blinking in the sunlight after a whole day looking at what was new approaches to live from temporary living to redoing communities using new material, at the end of the show I was so inspired I was snapping all the companies that have new building materials to use on new construction. a new way to deal with how we live. These were not the star architects we are always seeing but cutting edge thinker architects also trying with very little money to make huge differences in quality of living.

Also do not miss the Zaha Hadid show on May 27th –  Nov 27th at the Palazzo Franchetti, an explosion of creativity. The show covers all her projects she made and ones not made till now… furniture, paintings.


Julio Larraz

And while I was in Venice I popped into the Contini Gallery where they were showing a Cuban artist Julio Larraz and he is good. and I mean seriously good..My friend who was with me, being one of the  few dealing in old masters in the world and having a true eye for quality said if he would be buying in the Contemporary Art world he would buy work from him.

A walk with homer - Julio Larraz

A walk with homer    Julio Larraz

The Long Road to Cape LaPlace - Julio Larraz

The Long Road to Cape LaPlace – Julio Larraz

His prices are still affordable, look him up. And it is a good time to buy. The market is soft. Watch how the sales go this coming month in London and New York.

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2 Responses to “Life is short, art is long” – Hippocrates

  1. Sheila Elias says:

    Bravo ! great revue .. I agree as I was lucky enough to be on this journey.

  2. victory chase says:

    my reply to “Life is short, art is long” : Great review of a great trip, Roberta! Almost too much to think about as I “recollect in tranquility” (Wordsworth) all the many visual and intellectual highlights of our time together in Greece. What good comments you make about the younger generation of Greeks, and the energy and intelligence they bring to their country’s situation. Ah, those blue skies and blue seas and soaring white columns …

    “Maid of Athens, ere we part / Give oh give me back my heart.” (Byron – who else?)

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