Why is the whole world running to walk on water with Christo?

What has captivated everyone to overwhelm these sleepy chic towns of Sulvano, on the mainland, and Peschiera nestled along Lake Iseo to brave buses and trains. Forget about a place to stay, hotels were booked out months ago.

Well I will keep it simple: Christo is the only artist working today who is in the style of the grand artists of Italy past where, when a painting was finished the leading citizens would walk it through the streets often on religious holidays for all to see and the ordinary people would make their comments be proud of a special artist and be uplifted by it. In this grand tradition Christo follows. He makes everyone part of the work. The workers fixing it, the police, the children, the people coming from the whole world, smiling, laughing, taking their shoes off if they want to, enjoying the weather, lying on it, sun bathing… I must say the gods of the weather were kind to him for the opening day was sunny and not to warm, the water was glistening. One felt a slightly rocking, like one would on a boat, as soon as you stepped on this soft orange pathway and the reality that you could walk to either side and dive in … Well I don’t know how deep the water is and god bless the Italians for not putting railings on either side and giving the visitors a chance of not being treated like children but it was simply wonderful. Everyone around the restaurants clapped as he passed in his boat. A man I would say in full form, forget how old he is. What was just as wonderful and not shown  is he covered the streets of the towns with the fabric and everywhere we walked this wonderful sea of orange enveloped us. The walk was demanding, a two mile walk but it did not stop people with wheelchairs, or children or basically anyone. One simply had to live it. Be exhilarated and then have a wonderful meal after. The restaurants spotted around were perfect and I am sure this tiny lake area will become a very good choice for holiday.I must say that the explosion of creative energy to make this miracle of 220,000 high density polyethylene cubes that form its 16 meter wide spine to stay up using engineers, construction companies, deep sea divers, even a team of Bulgarian athletes was used. It must have been the most exciting project to come along for these teams in years. All to come down after a few weeks.  It was realized in 22 months normally it takes decades to achieve. The dream of floating piers was a project thought of 46 years ago and was rejected through the years…finally in 2016 it has been realized…. an American- Italian miracle.

Take a look at some of the photos and video and try to get to Italy in order to experience this yourself..



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  1. sheila Elias says:

    How Wonderful …Wish I could Have been there. I was in NY for the Central Park event.

    Sheila Elias

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