What happens when the media stops covering your artist

What happens when the media stops covering your beloved artist you bought and thought was a safe bet?
Or as the famous art critic Souren Melikian once said “who can guarantee that a sponge dipped in blue paint will forever be recognized as a work of art?”.

Well to start I think you must first think: Do I really like what I am buying?
It sounds simplistic but there is the real possibility it will go down. Just to say that in the 80’s there were wonderful artists that have fallen down and have not come back. You all know which ones. They have been replaced by the new new who will in turn be replaced by the newer new etc…. Few will last.

What I advise is:
There are still some serious art critics left. See if they have covered your artist. It makes no difference to them if you buy these artists or not. Gallery owners of course will fight to sell their artists who they believe in there are a few really serious art Galleries owners who are passionate about their artists and look for talent who will last and last.…Talk to the independent dealers that are still around they still have the “true eyes” for quality. Talk to Museum Curators, executives like Thomas Hoving, one of the great eyes of our century and art expert who has written a wonderful book called “Art for Dummies”. In that book he tells you what you should look for in an artist, he also recommends some artists of our time that he feels will make it. He also has written other books about art, the last one being “Master Pieces”. Sadly he has passed away, but his books have a lot of information in it about the world of art and perhaps his passion will rub off on you. For in the end it is the passion for art that will take you along the road, mistakes you will make but not really because you will change and your art will also change… I mean the man revolutionized the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Do you want to walk on water with Christo?

I will be at Lake Iseo at the opening of this event. Ah finally to walk on water…….Ciao will tell all its this month!

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