Violence hits Miami Art Fair – Art Popup Show Zurich

Violence hits Miami Art Fair

Violence comes to an Art Fair. This shouldn’t happen. Art fairs are like libraries and Museum … Safe areas. Were they fighting over an art work? I hope not. But one art lover (a woman) stabbed another. Some people thought it was a performance piece.. It is true  I was annoyed with a Gallery that sold an artist I have been following and thought I could buy it on the spot and ship to a close address instead of buying it in a very far away country and adding on pages of taxes  and mysterious shipping costs but not enough to punch him.  But instead the Art Dealer surprised me with a first time show of an artist that I was taken with. And that is the best part of art. When the scales drop from your eyes and you are elated because the soul of that artist has woken you up. No I am not going to tell you who it is. It will stay my secret for a while  and I will walk around with a smile because I know he has the makings of an   important artist, deep thinking, original  with a tremendous grasp of his media.

Maybe the sales were so dynamic because the rain in Miami was torrential  and the beach was not possible but the Fairs  have improved. No more empty bling. South Africa sent some terrific galleries with very original work  Check out the Gallery Stevenson. Lots of Chinese this time buying.What was an exceptional show was UNREALISM presented be Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch. The whole 4 floors of the Moore Building was filled with the best oil painters out there 64 in all. Dan Colen, John  Currin, Swoon, Zeng Fanzhi, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Clemente, Fischi … the list goes on.

Art Popup Show Zurich

What was a big success is the pop up art show I made in a  house being converted into   lovely apartments. Some how the art I showed on bare walls with tubs exposed was a big hit with the Swiss.It was in collaboration with one of the most forward thinking real estate companies, Simmo in Switzerland. Music, wine, rough walls collided with contemporary works of well known artists . Next show will be in spring. As the Donald says HUGH !  God even I am quoting him.I am looking for works of art done with 3-D printing. Artists that are working with that media please contact me.


More pictures here!


Cult of the cute…. A form of rebellion through Japanese fashion and  artistic expression.against the current society made by adults.Examples are Takashi Murakami, Sabastian Masudas installation of girls room at the Salone del Mobile in Milan ,girls dressed up like a sweet Lolita.. Look it up online and go to the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo.This also includes the Hello Kitty  obsession . Why grown women are collecting Hello Kitty beats me.

CUBAN ARTISTS … insider buying

Yoan Capote, Diana Fonseca Quinones,Alejandro Campins Los Carpinteros, Carlos Garaicoa Jorge Pardo, Agnes Varda and read Cuban Art News put out by Howard Farber…He was right about the Chinese now its the Cuban artists.

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