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I will be hanging this show in a very unusual way. Do come and see. One of Miami’s best artists.Roberta Gonella…all of you stop looking at your iPads. Look to the Horizon!

flyerRoberta Panorama

There is something very intimate and at the same time expanding of our souls when we look at a horizon. How can that be? Many great artists have tried to capture this mystery. In this exhibition I have gone one step further, I have lined Sheila’s powerful horizon pieces as an assemblage, connecting the disparate horizons together regardless of their size or medium to make one continuous horizon line.

Roberta Gonella

December 12, 2015



Visionaryarttrends presents the first Swiss ART POP UP SHOW featuring boutique apartments to rent! Patrician sized, great view of the lake of Zurich in District 6. Together with simmo.ch an open house Apero at Huttenstrasse 36, Zurich starting on the 11th of December from 17.00 to 20.00 pm. Saturday 12th  from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm and Sunday 13th from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Artists being featured: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Zara Hadid, Wu Yiming, Ma Liming , Dimitri Horta, Harald Naegeli,  Guo Jin, Tom Fellner, Alex Herzog, Julia Sheppard, Ladina Frey-Durisch, Andrea Bertotti and more …

A chance to see a wonderful collection of contemporary art and beautiful apartments, what else do you want?



Art unlimited at Art Basel 2016

For information to follow!


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