How Art Became Irrelevant & The Watch Fund

How Art Became Irrelevant

It takes an outsider like Michael Lewis who exposed the modern worlds insanity in the Financial world (those of you who haven’t read  The Big Short, Panic and Flash Boys are missing  one of the best reads ever)To take on the Art World. And what a splendid job he does. Anyone that is interested in understanding why we are where we are in the art market. With paintings costing fortunes, blockbuster  Museum shows pulling in masses of people   and a fair on every corner well that should be ok  but…..and there is always a but You know something is very wrong but can not put your finger on it. Please I implore you to read this Everyone that is serious about civilization, there, I’ve said it CIVILIZATION. Below is the article. I would  love some feed back on this take a long minute not a like or not. What do you think?


The full article by Michael  Lewis on



Attention collectors of mens watches!
You can now wear the watches your fund invests in and make a profit at the end of the year. Dominic Khoo turned his passion for watches into a business. THE WATCH FUND. He buys ultra high end watches at steep discounts and then sells them for profit, to benefit the funds investors. The two year old fund now has about 29 million Dollars worth of assets under management and 60 investors, each of whom has contributed a minimum of 250,000$ according to Mr. Khoo, the funds sole buyer and largest stakeholder. He has also seven other partners who are invested. There’s nothing like a company where the owners have skin in the game. The fund is private managed account so that investors can self-regulate, each investor generally gets a selection of watches-sort of the investors portfolio the same day the investment is received. The investors have two options. One guarantees a fixed 10 per cent annual return, while the other offers a variable rate which so far has generated a higher return. One portfolio soared 54 percent in three months time. Mr Khoo said he buys only investment-grade watches, timepieces with prices are expected to produce a profit beyond the purchase cost and management fee. So…. if you’ve been lusting after the Ulysses Nardin Genghis Khan or a Bulgari Carillon Minute-Repeating Tourbillon or a Celsius pocket watch look this fund up its based in Singapore..



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