Time to immerse yourself in an Art Hotel

Hotel Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, Pesaro, Italy

Count Alessandro Nani Marcucci Pinoli “Nani” to his friends 11227035_1635998756639783_6974196593659900816_n has one of the most unique Art Hotels in Europe. His hotel is nestled along the Adriatic Coast in the charming city of Pesaro. In October 2004 Nani dedicated four years to develop his greatest Art piece. Nani gave 75 artists the chance to transform ordinary guest rooms into 63 works of art.

Each hotel room announces its artist by a painting on the door to your room. You can go on-line and see the variety of styles. Once in the all enveloping spirit of the artist is felt and changes you.Some are simply spectacular. A fresh breath of air away from the relentless architecturally designed rooms we are used to.

The main public rooms of the hotel exhibit works of 11150793_1635998689973123_2265016390998091958_nfamous artists such as Mimmo Paladino, Enzo Cucchi,Sandro Chia alongside lesser well known artists.

His underground art gallery is reserved for showing emerging artists .His own paintings and sculptures have been exhibited 12002936_1635999189973073_6905893762300936393_nworld-wide and reside in important collections and Museums.   His current installation pieces “Turba”, “Isis” and “Four Races” are grouped outside near the entrance powerful and provocative. Nani , a true Renaissance man, Poet, writer, artist,lawyer, diplomat knight in the classic style of the great Italian Families dreamed of a great Art project, not just for himself but for the general art loving public to enjoy and in so doing supported many young artists. Bravo!

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Count Alessandro Nani Marcucci Pinoli – the owner of the Alexander Museum and myself – Roberta Gonella.


Other Art Hotels in Europe

I have not visited them myself but reports from friends recommend these hotels, Boutique Soho Hotel – Budapest, Hotel Roomz – Vienna, Novus City Hotel – Athens, Hotel Ku’Damm 101 – Berlin, Hotel Yasmin – Prague, and Hotel Bloom –  Brussels.


Need to Know

Iman Afsarian, Iraqi artist One of the best artists long waiting list Assar Art Gallery represented, Hito Steyerl German artist her video HOW not to be seen. A Fucking Didactic Educational.Movie File (2013). If there is one video to see this year that will blow your mind with enjoyment its this one.


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