Call for Artists – Miami Basel 2014

Recipe for selling your Art at Fairs


Art fatigue…so many fairs so little time. So what will get the new buyers who stop at a booth for 10 minutes to buy at today’s fair.

The Rules:

The artist has to create a work of art that:

  1. It must have some sort of immediacy
  2. Highly decorative
  3. Wall power on a large scale
  4. Hot and fashionable helps.

These four rules are key so the new collector can digest it quickly and bring it home. Staying power is not considered considering how often new artists are flipped now for quick profit.
Words of wisdom… hot and fashionable does not mean they’re going to get into history books. Look for overlooked areas, like young Latin American artists and paper works from top artists. And above all buy what you like! You will be the one looking at it, and oh, by the way, it will also give you pleasure and possibly enrich your life.

Call for Artists – Miami Basel 2014  “Cosmic Connections”

ContemporaryartprojectsUSA is putting this call out and I am the curator on this exhibition. It is basically asking the international artist community to look up and out and use the new information out there in the universe and new medias available to make a knock out show, I hope an amazing show. Please click on the link to see the invitation. There is also a link is on the side for an artist that you know who should try out for our juried exhibition. We look forward to seeing you at the Concept Fair in Miami in December.
If you are interested with the events that will be tied to this affair please let us know.

Thank you, R. Gonella

Call for Artists - Cosmic Connections

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