Who’s buying art?

Who Buys Art?

AXA Art Insurance did a study asking 1000 international collectors info about themselves. And the results indicate that the typical art collector male, 40-69 years of age, highly educated and has no children. 37% collect out of love for art. 5% use a curator to help them. 24% of collectors use art to diversify their assets. 14% collect installations and video art. 89% collect paintings, 10% of collectors value their collection at more than a million dollars. 34% buy on the Internet, and 42% cannot believe anyone would buy art on the Internet.

Fairs for Media Art

The worlds most important media art collectors take a look at the collections of the following collectors. They have done their homework and can help you to think in which direction you want. Julia Stoschek – Dusseldorf, Pamela and Richard – Kramlich – San Francisco, Francesca von Habsburg – Wien, Ruth and Bill True – Seattle, Ingvild Goetz -Munchen, Haro Cumbusyan and Bilge Ogut –Cumbusyan – London, Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaitre – London, Lekha and Anupam Poddar – Delhi.

Here are a few fairs for this new art form.  Unpainted Munchen, Loop Barcelona, Transmediale Berlin, Kinetica Art Fair 2014 London, and Art Cologne.

Yarn bombing

Randy Burman. Somehow when I saw this work it woke me up. Iconic some how, and very Miami. How a group of ordinary chairs, and one crocheted chair in the middle of them can convey a feeling of being special, yet isolated because of the uniqueness works. I have seen in Wynwood (an area of Miami) poles covered in macramé. It was a sign to me that Ft. Lauderdale had a wonderful show on using different stitching mixed with other material. Shiota Chiharu, a Japanese artist was shown during the Art Basel in Switzerland with a mesmerizing installation of black thread chairs and a grand piano.

Discrimination Seating

Randy Burman’s “Discrimination Seating” is part of “Which Way Out – Personal Thoughts Made Public”

Three big Flops

  1. Mario Merz, one of his wonderful igloos – not sold.
  2. Gerhard Richter, Portrait Schneewind 1965 – not sold
  3. Chris Ofili, The journey from Hell, 1997 – not sold.

Be careful…

Flip Art

Take a look at flip art artists like Mr. Rees, Mr. Smith, Mr. Murillo, or Mr. Ito (a lot of speculation buying these artists then selling on). They make abstract paintings using cheap painting techniques – like household ceiling coating, or a fire extinguisher or home improvement products. They produce a lot of them. Mr. Smith has produced as many as 300 of his painting–droplet „Rain“ canvases. Mass production, cheap paints – move over Andy Warhol.

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