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Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and Palm Tree) (2009)

Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and Palm Tree) (2009)
by John Baldessari
Picture Courtesy of Counter Editions

Peter Doig, Tracy Emin, Fischli Weiss, Mario Testino, Gavin Turk, Howard Hodgkin, Jake and Dinos Chapman, and John Baldessari – what a collection to have, and you can have it or just one of them at extremely reasonable prices. Buying art is very easy for the very rich because they work with the best galleries and are content to come in later after the branding on the artists has been done, but you can, on a limited amount, join in with buying limited print editions. The Internet has expanded so that you can buy works of art online, but one has to be very careful. The company has to be trusted and recognized. I have found one. is the UK’s leading website for buying contemporary works. What is important, they produce prints and multiples and collaborate with major institutions such as the Serpentine Gallery, Haywood Gallery and the Tate. What a group of artists they have. Take a look. This reminds me, often museums are also putting out limited editions. Check where your favorite artist is showing and look up what they are selling in their gift shop or online. Of course prints and multiples can be bought at auction houses where the quality and originality is controlled (lots of fakes out there). I strongly suggest if you are buying the young Chinese artists in prints – Christie’s and Sotheby’s are a great source along with Philips de Pury. Try for the early prints of Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, Zeng Fanzhi, Liu Ye, and Zhang Xiaogang. Not too many were done and they are still reasonably priced. Also the top galleries issue limited edition series’ of artists they are showing and art collectives put together print portfolios, which gather limited edition prints by a selection of artists. This is a good way to buy a varied collection from a trusted source and be exposed to artists you wouldn’t normally choose besides the artist that you like. Another source, the art magazines, they publish limited editions of artists they are featuring. Try the Saatchi Gallery’s web salesroom,, they also have a list of limited edition works available to buy online, and they help you buy directly from artists, taking no commission. And I think last but not least, you must keep your ears and eyes open. Artists design limited editions for many things you might not have thought of, fashion, postcards, record covers, and try for interesting multiples. OK now get started. And feel free to ask us a question about this. Good Luck!
I like the Serpentine Gallery. Here you can find the biggest names in the international art market. For example, limited edition greeting card pack of 10, done by Turner Prize, winning Anish Kapoor for the Serpentine Gallery in London – ca 6 Euro or John Baldessari’s, Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and Palm Tree) 2009, Edition of 14, for $1,760 , from
Other respected print houses are:,,, and for sculpture editions

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