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Foxes and Hedgehogs, Call for Artists, The Art of Art Borrowing

Hedgehogs and Foxes David Hockney said “They don’t teach drawing in art schools anymore,” “It’s criminal. Teaching drawing teaches people to look”, and that means not at their iPhones. If I made an exhibition asking the artists of today for pencil or … Continue reading

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The Richest Living Artists – You Don’t Know

Reading about artists lately is reading about how high the prices are. The hedge-fund auction houses media have finally won. It simply is about the asset, the art asset bought (I do not use the word collected) by wealthy men … Continue reading

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Call for Artists – Miami Basel 2014

Recipe for selling your Art at Fairs ART FAIR ART Art fatigue…so many fairs so little time. So what will get the new buyers who stop at a booth for 10 minutes to buy at today’s fair. The Rules: The artist has to … Continue reading

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